Lady Sansa Stark is the first daughter sired by Lord Eddard Stark and his lady wife Lady Catelyn Tully. Upon the event of her birth, she has been meant to wed her first cousin, Prince Jon Targaryen who is three years her senior.

Background Edit

Sansa has been intended since her birth to marry Prince Jon, who is her first cousin. The two wed beneath the Heart Tree, the King was in attendance with his other two children and wife, Elia Martell. The marriage was not consummated, however, as Sansa was 13 at the time. She did not flower until a year later. Her marriage remained unconsummated until she reached the age of 16 after her name day feast. She became pregnant with a daughter, Alys, who was born two months early. She lived only one year, having caught fever due to winter.

After the death of their child, Sansa and Jon wore black for the entire year. Winterfell held a small feast for the fallen princess the next year on her nameday and a day of silence to pay condolences to the now childless couple.

When she is 18, she becomes pregnant again and births a son, Ben, three months after her 19th nameday.

Trivia Edit

  • She did not flower until she was fourteen.
  • She initiated her marriage consummation.
  • She refuses to use a wet nurse. She feeds her children at her own breast.
  • She named her daughter for Alys Karstark (wife of Brandon), her great-great-great-great grandmother.
  • She prefers to make her own clothing.
  • She prefers wolves to dragons.

Quotes Edit

"I prefer to run with wolves, not dance with dragons." - Sansa to Jon
[to jon, sitting in her marriage bed] "I am a lady who is mindful of her duty, now are you going to do your duty and put a son in me or not?"