Aegon Targaryen is a male model and actor.

Trivia Edit

  • When asked who his celebrity crush was when he was 21, he laughed as said "I know it's inapropriate, but Sansa Stark. She's the prettiest 18 year old I've ever seen. The men in her life are going to hunt me down." He married her one year later.
  • His father was a multi-billionaire business man.
  • He doesn't have the same mother as his siblings. Only he and his closest family know who his mother is.
  • His birth was the result of an affair his father had.
  • His mother's name is Wylla.
  • When his father died, he along with his siblings each inherited 1/3 of his belongings. This includes a seat on the board of his father's company, a CEO seat. $366.7 billion, 3 estates, 2 yachts and 5 houses.